i’m working on a new feature called pandemy pandafication.
you only need a 3d scanner and a surgery sculpting laser.

here some of the results:
(note: these are photos of manipulated people/objects, not manipulated photos)

the whole package with 3d scanner and the surgery laser can be found here:

have a nice day :wink:

:astonished: Oh no, what did I start? I just changed my avatar to the Mona Panda this morning and suddenly… its spreading like a pandemy :wink:

long live the pandemy!

face it. panda is omnipresent. you cant hide!

oh comeone… i’m sure there are more people knowing out there with good ideas. lets see them!

Okay so I was asked to create one, and im finally done, and I hope you all like it, as much as I had fun creating it.



Your avatar image is too long. Not much space to read the post message if ever you post a reply there. Would you mind making it smaller ?

my ava is 128x128 pixel. exactly the same as pro-rsoft’s and ThomasEgi’s. you probably mean neighborlee with his 175×175px picture, i guess?

btw: comparing the binary size of our avatars, mine is ~200 times smaller :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it shall be your image host problem. I am in Asia region and half of the forum screen is occupied:

look like it is not a hosting problem.

If I open your avatar is another browser window and then force a screen fresh, the problem goes away. It shall be my browser or some other issue. Thanks.

My (somewhat late) contribution:

(sorry about the res)


Praise the holy panda :smiley:

wahawaw this post is totally epic!
I felt a bit off so I decided to say my word:

it’s a recently discovered Michelangelo’s work named “Creazione di Pandamo” (The Creation of Pandam) that clearly
inspired his later and famous “Creazione di Adamo” (The Creation of Adam)

there he is! just call for him and he’ll appear like a shadow to help you!