Pandasteer general question..


After staring it for quite sometime, it seems to me that vehicle is not controlling the character directly, instead, vehicle controls a node?

and the character is updated based on node position? and somehow the character stays above the ground by using collision?

am I getting this correct?

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Hi Broken.

At least partially I can confirm this. Sometimes it makes more sense to do not control an object directly but instead create a dummy node that gives you some advantages such as being able to remove all actors and models to replace them with other ones (e.g. when your car crashes, you can simple deattach the “new car” model and attach a demolished one without the need to change anything else on the controlling side because the dummy node is there for that duties. There are also other advantages in case you want to apply rotations and various other stuff.
But I am not THAT sure there. My programming skills are fading since I just lack the time to create new stuff. Silly “real life”… :wink:

Oh, and please don’t get angry because I moved your topic. - This section is for people presenting code segments - for all other stuff please use the “Scripting issues” forum section in case you have questions about Code. :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Hi BigFoot!

No, no , no, I’m not angry at all. Thank you for letting me know where to put scripting-related-questions properly.

In my project, I let the movement to control the model directly and surely I face lots of issues and you mentioned some of them right-on. Now I can see why it has more ADVANTAGES of attaching a model to a node. :smiley:

Now, it’s time for a re-write! :smiley:

Thank you for your assistance :smiley:

Kind Regards,