PandaPlugin and HTML5

How this affect PandaPlugin?

The same way O3D, Unity, and any other in-browser 3-D system affects Panda: not much.

The biggest thing HTML5 has going for it is that it promises to be widely supported and come with your browser. But it’s going to be its own 3-D system, just like all of the other 3-D systems are different. It will have its own strengths and weaknesses.

It will probably have more weaknesses than strengths, especially at first, and maybe for a long time. It would probably be ideally suited for simple, one-off games, rather than anything that requires the finesse of a mature engine like Panda.

So, if your goal is to write some simple 3-D for the web, it’s easily a more appealing prospect than Panda. But if your goal is to write a complex 3-D experience, you should choose the engine with the same care that you choose it today, even with HTML5 in the mix.


There´s no doubt about PandaPlugin capabilities, specially about games on browser. O3d are actually slower than PandaPlugin. WebGL is really faster, but with minor capabilities for now. Python is very better for development than javascript.