Pandapack - after install, shortcut cannot find

Hi all.

I was testing out pandapack to ensure that once my game is completed I can actually distribute it to people. The game was developed and installed onto windows 7.

Everything packed into an installer successfully (arcinstall.exe), then appeared to install from the installer successfully. Running the “Play arcinstall” shortcut from start pops up a cmd terminal that immediately closes.
I went into the shortcut properties, and found it was exectuting this:
C:\arcinstall\python\ppython.exe -E

Running C:\arcinstall\python\ppython.exe -E from a cmd terminal gives me the following error:
C:\arcinstall\python\ppython.exe: Can’t open file ‘’ : [Errno 2] No such file or directory was present in the development arcinstall directory before I packed it, and is present in the install directory under arcinstall\game\ after installing.

Any ideas what’s gone wrong here? Cheers in advance for any advice.