pandaIcon.obj no longer used and should be removed?

Using latest Panda3d from CVS (as of two days ago). Windows with MSVC2008.

Trying to do a debug build (–optimize 1) and I see that there is an issue building interrogate.exe.

1>link /nologo /NOD:MFC90.LIB /NOD:MFC80.LIB /NOD:LIBCI.LIB /NOD:MSVCRTD.LIB /DEBUG  /nod:libc /nod:libcmtd /nod:atlthunk /nod:atls /MAP /MAPINFO:EXPORTS /FIXED:NO /OPT:REF /STACK:4194304 /INCREMENTAL:NO  /OUT:"debug/bin/interrogate.exe" /LIBPATH:"thirdparty/win-python/libs" "debug/tmp/interrogate_composite.obj" "debug/tmp/libcppParser.lib" debug/lib/libp3dtool.lib debug/lib/libp3dtoolconfig.lib debug/lib/libp3pystub.lib panda/src/configfiles/pandaIcon.obj "advapi32.lib" "thirdparty/win-libs-vc9/openssl/lib/libpandassl.lib" "thirdparty/win-libs-vc9/openssl/lib/libpandaeay.lib"
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'panda/src/configfiles/pandaIcon.obj'

I checked and found this thread talking about building Panda under a 64 Windows OS:

Is pandaicon.obj no longer being used at all? If so, it should probably be removed from I did this on my local copy and I was able to proceed with my build.

When you updated from CVS, did you update makepanda as well?

I removed the .obj files in the repository simply because they are stuck to 32-bits intel - instead, makepanda compiles the .rc files by itself now.

Probably you updated your “panda” tree, but not your “makepanda” tree.

Ahhh, thanks, that was it.

Swore I did a full update, but apparently not. My mistake.