Pandai Wander follow up

So, I’ve managed to correct most of my issues with roaming ralph and pandai, now i’ve run into a new issue and was seeking some additional help.

according to the API, wander accepts the following inputs:

wander(double wander_radius, int flag, double aoe, int priority)

I have an issue now where ralph will run off the map and I’ve been using the following inputs to the wander call:

(2, 0, 3, 0.5)

the implication is that:

his wander radius (where he looks around) should be 2.0

he’ll look along the X-Y axis

he should only be wandering around an area that is 3.0 around him

his priority for this behavior is 0.5

if any of this looks correct, or incorrect give me the word. if this is correct, then i’ll need assistance figuring out why ralph is running off the game world map (the one that comes with the roaming ralph demo).