It seemed that the thread for the GUI Pandapack was going on a tangent with the configuration tool, so I thought I would move it into its own thread.

After doing some further digging into wxPython and wxGlade, I’ve managed to clean up the code and fix a few nagging things, namely the warnings that were coming up for certain Panda variables when interrogated during load.

Here’s a link to the new version:

It’s much smaller, leaner, but still does the job and does some smarter validation of information using the built-in validator class system in wx. Also added a few more configuration options.

I don’t know if anybody will find this useful, but I’m going to continue building this since it has come in handy for me. It’s also been a good learning experience for me in understanding P3D’s underpinnings and structure.

Great! now I have 3 panda GUI configurator…

will anyone stop doing that??? :smiley:

Man,whats your problem???
I think dklon did well.After P3D will be migrate to wxPython,something like this would be good to include with the final games.

bestseclub - take a look at the nick/its tag. Its a spammer. Ignore it. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

It’s all good. I quickly realized what this guy was all about. Thanks for your encouragement bestseclub. I’ve almost got a customizable end-user configuration version done and will post soon. It can all be done from the command line, so making a shortcut or link with the appropriate parameters makes it easy to customize, like so: --title "My Game" --banner mylogo.png --width 800 --height 600 --icon myicon.ico --config myvariables.prc

It also degrades gracefully so if any one of the parameters are missing it falls back on a default. If you specify a title, it will also use those as part of tooltips in addition to the window’s caption. The --config parameter will also use that as the file to write back out to if possible.