PandaAttack, a panda framework

I’m beginning work on a framework system for Panda3d thats Django-like in its implementation. I have nothing releasable at the moment, working on the messaging system right now but I’ll release code once I get it to a bare-bones running state.

I am also thinking of a Django like frame work but i still have not ironed my thoughts out. The main lessons i took form Django are:

like a function “event” catches event name you don’t need to specify what it does its avois from name and context

if you load a model named “tree” it would load “tree.egg” and load the code “” and any kind of “” files…

if you define obj use a convention it should be applied to many things such as saving the definition to file so that it can be loaded again. Or sending it over network.

Clean nice python style of coding, i also recommend looking at twisted another quite good library (but can be a bit verbose).

Django people call their MVC, MVT. “Model View Template”. MVC is not a blue print but a model of thought that components that do different stuff need to be isolated from each other.

Very nice descriptive messages on errors. Very easy hot code reloading development environment. From twisted and [b]panda3d[b/]: excellent logging.

Sounds interesting.