PandaAI and .egg

ok so i was looking into using PandaAI well it dosnt support Geomip terrain. Ok… Well we can create the mesh in blender anyway so this should be easy. So i created the plane of a flat surface to start, did the needed conversion and ran the mesh system.

My actor is walking! Yaah, wait where is he going??

So im not sure what happened ive tried this 17 times and I made sure the size was right and made sure the plane was good but no go. He walks but the oddest routes for not having anything to go around. now I understand that i should show you my files so there located: just click the only link you see! (Files are a .egg and the .csv) Then let me know what i did wrong I cant read egg files but i hope others can cause something is not right. If you need the .blend let me know!