"Panda3DProjects" - work to be done!

Heya there…

Just wanted to mention that Panda3dProjects will move (internally) to another machine within one of the next days. There might be a downtime for a few hours. - So if Links don’t work, don’t worry right away. :slight_smile:

Also I want to announce that new devs can apply for an account soon. Just give us some time figuring the things out and to get P3Dprojects out of its 100 year lasting sleep.

Stay tuned! :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Bigfoot do you know why so few dev’s have applied?

Not really… I guess they see it like “never touch a running system”.

Need to configure a rewrite rule (didn’t dare to fiddle with the mod_rewrite-rule, then I can move at least the accounts completely…