panda3d & wxpython

How can i draw wx elements in front of panda render?

I don’t think that’s easily possible.
A wx window must be either drawn behind or on top of Panda’s window. Rendering into a texture and displaying that in Panda also might be an option, but wxPython really isn’t made for that, so don’t expect the implementation to be easy or elegant.

Qt has something like what OP is asking for: I imagine wxPython offers similar functionality.

Thanks for the answers, i tried PyQt and got what i wanted. I could not make it beautiful and transparent like in the link ( with OpenGL canvas. But it simply draws qt widgets on top of Panda’s render in one window.

Mind posting your code? I’ve been looking for something like what you made for quite some time.

Unfortunately, queppler doesn’t share his knowledge with us :slight_smile: does somebody know, how to do this (or where to begin?)