panda3d window getting stuck

I am running into a problem with panda3d getting stuck.

I am running ubuntu linux, with dual X servers because i have dual graphics cards.

Where the problem happens is the event/update task look. Basically if I focus some window on one monitor screen then I focus into panda3d window on another monitor screen it gets “stuck” - not responsive until I either move the window/minimize or even drag some thing over (probably casing redraw events to be sent at low level), In stuck state no mouse/key inputs or frame refreshes happen its almost as if panda3d is stuck in an infinite loop which only wakes up when window based X11 events get to it.

How would I diagnose the problem further?

Some thing i just though of now is minimize code, maybe it think that the window is minimized (so it does not do any thing), so it waits till its maximized? [EDIT] This is probably not it because all tasks still run in minimized mode but not in the “stuck mode”

[EDIT] I just ran pstats and the stucking happens in the “vertex buffer” task - this looks more and more like the graphics driver.

[EDIT] After some testing it looks like i can get it stuck on a single monitor. But i have to be careful not issue any window change events to the panda3d window, and it gets stuck.

I’ve found that Panda doesn’t run at all on my second monitor (using separate X screen, getting GLXBadDrawable) while other games run fine on my second monitor.

I have tested glxgears sample and it does not have such behavior, yet the new alpha Blender 2.5 does! It might be some thing related to the graphics drivers on my Linux machine.

I will try to examine the “vertex buffer” task more closely.

What happens if you put “vertex-buffers #f” in Config.prc? That should force it to use vertex arrays instead.