Panda3D using MinGW (eclipse)

So I decided to try Panda3d to use to create a game with some friends of mine.
However, I found that there is no manual/tutorial on how to include Panda3D in Eclipse (which im using MinGW it because eclipse doesn’t have a compiler by default)

Any1 here have the data I need (which setting/path to set)?

Note that Panda itself cannot be compiled in MinGW; or at least, no one has successfully done that yet. (The last time we tried, the DLL support by MinGW was insufficient. That was a while ago, and it might be better by now, but I haven’t heard of anyone trying again recently.) On Windows, Panda is known to build with Visual Studio 2008, for which there is a free version available.

It might be possible to compile your Panda application with MinGW, and link with the already-compiled Panda, but I haven’t heard of anyone trying that yet.

So, I can’t give you the tutorials for how to do it, since you’ll be the first to try it. On the other hand, I can tell you how to compile your application using VS2008 (and, in fact, the Panda3D manual tells you exactly that).

If you do decide to go ahead with Eclipse and MinGW, and you find success, please feel free to post your findings so that others may follow in your footsteps.


Obviously im not intending to build panda, just create applications with it.

Il try figure it out myself, il post here when I succeed doing so.

Be warned: it seems at first glance like it should be an easy thing to do, but I suspect you will meet significant obstacles. Nothing unsurmountable, probably, but when you are the first to use a particular compiler on a large codebase (such as Panda), you are also likely to be the first to encounter many strange problems.

Even though you only intend to use this compiler to build your application, still it has to process all of the Panda3D header files, and it has to process them in a way that is 100% compatible with the way MSVS2008 processes them. If that happens perfectly the first time you try it, I will be stunned.

So, while I’m not trying to discourage you, I do wish you the best of luck. :slight_smile: And I remind you that we are available to offer advice as needed. Once again, if you succeed, great; the world will be better for it. If, on the other hand, you decide it’s not worth the trouble and you’d rather just develop in MSVS2008, you won’t be the first to do so.