panda3d under BSD licnse and no word?

panda3d under BSD license and no word any place on the forums? Hey!

Well congrats on the BSD!

what the header say:

// Copyright (c) Carnegie Mellon University.  All rights reserved.
// All use of this software is subject to the terms of the revised BSD
// license.  You should have received a copy of this license along
// with this source code in a file named "LICENSE."

Right, as I also noticed, the entire CVS is modified. Also the new owner is now CMU, not Disney. The license page is not yet updated, though.
A big thanks to everyone who helped changing the license! :slight_smile:

Yes really great new :slight_smile:

Really thanks all to this greats lib and this cool community

its even cooler that panda3d is BSD … i dont think many high quality 3d libs are under such free license!

Now all we need is to change the License page!

Get rid of that horrid clause (no not santa)


This is great. I just picked up panda3d and was a little concerned about the license :laughing:

This is fantastic news! In theory Panda can now get distributed with the linux distros, I think someone has to want to be the package maintainer for it.