Panda3d talk, what should I talk about?

Hello, I’ll give an introductory talk about Panda3d at my university, and I’d like some help. Public will be informatics/computer science students (as myself).

What do you think I should say (about panda3d) to make the talk more interesting?
What would you like to hear if you were there? (assume you don’t know anything about panda3d).
What the most important thing to emphasize about panda3d?

any help appreciated. :smiley:

Mention the license. In an academic context, thats one really great thing about panda.

If giving such a talk, I would start with coverage of the scene graph, and a simple example (like perhaps the tutorial one), then summery coverage of some of the areas where you can dig deeper into panda (Ex: you can use panda to learn shader programming -> do really complex shader and buffer stuff, deferred shading, shadows, reflections etc., you can to basic or complex physics, you can do networking, optimally with examples, maybe screen shots). If you have some neat project of your own that covers some powerful things panda does, it could serve as a nice example.

I’d also mention that there are decent distribution tools for cross platform deployment, and that you can use as much or as little of panda as you want (you can only use the networking, or the graphics, or the loaders etc) and that you can easily use lots of other third party add-ons and libraries (even ones with commercial license if you want).

thank you very much, I’ll consider all that.