Panda3D support for Android, iOS

I understand there are certain efforts to bring P3D to Android. From the release notes I can see it’s in early stages of development and there’s no tested-and-proved way of deploying P3D game on Android at the moment. But I like the potential. What about iPhones ? I’m ready to consider a regular donation to P3D if I see P3D is gearing up for Android as well as iPhones.

I’m developing a game and I’d love to bring it to smartphones too.
Any feedback much appreciated.

We’ve currently got someone working on the iOS port, supported by our donated funds.

The Android port is already a bit further along, the main thing being missing that we need to iron out the deployment system. There are also some features still not complete, such as multitouch, but hopefully much of the work on the iOS front will partially transfer over there.

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Great to hear !
What kind of donation would make a difference in development of P3D ? What amount would “move the needle” ?

How far and what kind of needle do you want to move ?

it can goe from range api 19 (android kitkat) to current and future, it can go with java or kotlin
it also can also go from 'build it yourself ( like pydk , or termux way both free) , or “drop signing keys on a panel control and get apk published”.

But anyway, Panda3D actually runs very well on android if you want to give time instead of money.