Panda3D SDK 1.9.1 released!

Release announcements are made on the blog from now on:

This thread may still be used to discuss the release, the new features and potential regressions.

Sorry about the torrents not working. It should be fixed now. The torrents are the best way to download the releases.


Excellent!! Thank you so much rdb and all other contributors for the hard work.

I am currently testing it and the few items I noticed in 1.9.0 are corrected. I don’t have noticed any regression compared to 1.9.0 at that stage.


Thanks a lot and congratulations to all the team.


Ah, excellent, and thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The inclusion of the “constrained” mouse-mode was particularly welcome: First, I’ve seen at least one critic complain about the lack of it in certain games. Second, I have a mechanic in my current game that involves swinging the mouse cursor around, and while it’s not that difficult to keep the cursor within a window, those occasions on which it slips free can still be rather annoying.