Panda3D script all that

Panda3D problems with rendering? When I use the Command Prompt to start my “Hello World” Panda3D script all that appears is a grey screen, but when I run the sample programs they all work. Is this happening to anyone else?

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What does your “Hello World” program do? Is it the tutorial from the manual, and if so, how far into the tutorial are you?

If you haven’t added any objects to the scene and haven’t changed the clear colour, then a blank grey screen is the expected result: there’s nothing to render, and the default clear colour is grey, I believe.

This is true of the first step of the tutorial (as shown on this page, I believe): as that page notes, it should produce a window containing empty greyness.

If you have added an object to the scene, then check that you don’t have it and the camera at the same location, which might result in the camera, set inside the object, seeing only back-faces (which are culled away), and thus again rendering nothing.