Panda3D Rejects Sound based on Case

P3D 1.7.1 anyway…

I was loading a sound file and was getting a loading error. Turns out my wave sound file was saved as .WAV instead of .wav… That’s kind of “raunchy.”

Well…I couldn’t just rename the file with the .wav; that might work on some OS but not the one I’m on.

So… I had to dig through the command prompt:

C:\users\Mark\Desktop\proj1\mus>ren *.WAV *.wav

That worked, but a shame I had to do that. Of course, this could be a issue with OpenAL and not P3D directly, but indirectly…IDK.


As a general rule it is a good idea to keep all your file names lower-case to avoid any confusion like this.
Most non-Windows operating systems are case-sensitive, so if you want it to run on Mac or Linux you will have to deal with case-sensitivity anyways.