Panda3D OSX standalne universal build available for download

Hello, every 01!

I am very happy to announce that i built a universal binary of Panda3D that is now available for download here:

The build is a Mac OSX Application that can run from DVDs, USB Sticks, etc. It should be a “batteries included” release of Panda3D 1.52! Due to a serious lack of time I have to provide this binary “as is”, I will probalby release an updated Version soon that also features support for ObjC.

Thanks, this looks great!

Now i updated the .app; I added the MusicBox example and reviewed the release. The reviewed release is available at the same url. By the way the release includes ctypes, pysqlite2, wx, …

For some reason I get this error when attempting to run:

I am on a late-model white MacBook, running 10.5.6, python 2.5. Any clues as to what I am missing?

hint:image is not showing up (404 error) so we cant tell whats wrong.

yes, please post your error message again!

Hello! When I attempted to run this (and presumably run the sample program included) I got the following error:

Corrupted App Bundle:
Vital configuration and script files were missing from the application bundle.

Running on OSX 10.4.11, PowerPC G4.


I get the same error on OSX 10.4.11 Intel.

gogo, did you get ffmpeg working on OSX? If so you might want to let pro-rsoft know about that, because he couldn’t get ffmpeg for the official download.

In that case, why aren’t you using the OSX build of Panda from the download page of this website? The point of a universal binary is so that it’ll work on older PPC Macs, but if you have a MacBook then the official binary should work fine.

As for the other problems, gogo is your build working on 10.4? If it’s a universal binary then it must be working on both Intel and PPC Macs, but that may still require version 10.5 of the operating system.

jhocking – are there any instructions/aid for getting panda3d running on OS X 10.4? I’ve wasted the last weekend trying with no luck, and would greatly appreciate any pointers/tips/hints/somewhat-up-to-date-tutorials.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide, and sorry for the threadjack!

I have no idea, sorry. Presumably you would need to compile the source on your computer, which could be complicated.

you ain’t kidding. That’s what took all weekend! :slight_smile:

@jhocking: I think gogo’s script depends on MacPorts’ version of ffmpeg.
Maybe I should rework Panda to be compatible with it. I don’t like statically linking to ffmpeg anyways - who knows if there isn’t accidentally a bit of GPL code inside there. I don’t want to get myself sued.

@lackhand: gogo’s build was before we had an official Mac build. Nowadays, building Panda is much easier, using the makepanda build system. Matter of running a command, and it build everything and spit out a .dmg file.
Not sure if makepanda will entirely work with 10.4, but you should try it and I’ll guide you through particular issues.

Still, if you prefer to do it the ppremake way, this guide has always been good: … opard.html
(The patches are no longer necessary)