Panda3D Online Play?

So recently i’ve been searching how to make my panda3D game online, Since this will be an issue for me in the future.
I found a couple posts about it, actually.
And even posts with the code download.

Normally, I would definetely download this!
But all of the downloads on any site giving an explination or a download do not seem to work.

For example, Downloads “No longer exist”
and examples only freeze my Panda3D app until it asks to close the program.

Does anyone have a site that will actually enable me to download the code, or even just for me to copy&paste?

A source and/or working code that I can just place in would be great! Credits to those who made it as well.
(So please, if any, include who created the code).


There are a lot of different ways to do netcode. Some people use panda3d’s “low level” system, some use the more advanced distributed object system, and other people make their own system using python’s sockets. It really depends what you feel more comfortable doing, but sounds like you might want to do basic python networking. There are a lot more of those kind of tutorials for that on the internet.

Such as?
I’m not sure what I can use to fit panda3d.
I want to do something simple, not too simple where it looks bad, but simple.
If you have any resources like websites or downloads, I’m all for it. Not sure even how to look it up.

A link or download would be great. Other than that the only post I found about the topic is this:
[Asyncore UDP Networking Made Easy!)

But I copy and pasted them into my game, and it did nothing but freeze panda3d.

If someone could help me fix-to-fit the code on the link, much would be appreciated!
I don’t see anything wrong with it.
(I don’t get any errors either, just freezes panda3d until it asks to close).

Would appreciate if someone could help me.

At least how to get the code in the link in the above post to work.
Or even a different way to make it online multiplayer.

Here is one example.
[url]NetRalph: Roaming Ralph goes networking]
I would recommend learning Panda better first. Networking code is only going to add an additional layer of complexity. Kind of like learning to ride a bike and juggle at the same time.

Luna, this is the code I’m using for my client / server game right now.

[Object Oriented Networking Code with Panda3D Foundation)

You can copy / paste it into separate files. Open a command prompt (assuming you’re on Windows), and cd to the directory where you put the files. Then run


in one cmd window, and


in another one to launch the server and client on your computer. You can see what each is doing in the cmd window, as well as on screen.