Panda3D manual: needs a lot more!


Just a note to all who don’t know the manual is a wiki: anyone can edit it. You do have to register another account at the wiki. We need lots more articles.
And… who is the manual mod here???
A lot of things can be removed too.

I think he has been

I indeed have added a lot of info already. But I don’t have all time to write it myself.
This topic is just an encouragement for everyone to write in the wiki.
Not many pages are wanted so it’s difficult to write one when you don’t know what to write.

Great! We can always use more information.
For example, the collision detection part is not really clear.

And, by the way, if you think I’ve edited nothing, you’re wrong :wink:
If you want proof of my grand total, check this page.
A little bit more than just 2, right? 8)
And, the wantedpage is just a list of deadlinks. And I removed the ridiculous link somewhere to the weather in london.


the panda tutorials after not enough to create a game

can u help me in this please

i have to create a game, and the tutorials do not show it

how will i learn about it then

thx in advance for your replies

the tutorials show you how to use panda. once you know how to use panda,creating a game is no problem.
for example. in a game you move your charakter when pressing a key. then you look into the manual->keyboard and look how to capture when the user presses a key. next you check how to move a object . its all in the manual.
think about what your game should do (or how it should behave) and code this behaviour.

there are some sample games like pandasafari and a space-shooter. search the forum for it. lots of usefull code in there which might help you.

I should like to work on the manual (the few times I have Internet access), but on its pages I can’t find an [Edit] button. How does one go about adding or changing things?

there is a tiny dot ( i think it’s blue) below the articles. once you found and clicked it you need to create a wiki-acc. then you can edit articles =)

Unfortunately the tutorials don’t tell you how to actually create you own animation (or rather get your own animation into Panda).

I’m fine programming in Python with the supplied panda models, but I cannot create my own animated models.

I’ve searched the forum and the Wiki, but it seems that if you don’t use 3DSMax or Maya you’re not considered worthy of using Panda. As I have actually paid for all my own software the chances of me owning 3DSMax are nil.

I think the documentation desperately needs support for users of other modelling programs (I use Cinema4D) and I’m sure lots of other people do too.

In general, I think we miss a place to reference all the snippets and showcases, maybe a wiki dedicated to snippets with syntax highlighting.
Or at least, a sticky post in the snippets section but I really miss syntax highlighting (I know there are plugins for phpBB).

I actually have a dedicated server where all this could take place, but I’d prefer an official thing (better if it’s under the ETC control)

I’m thinking about something like this :

we do have this page: … d_Examples

I soo miss syntax highlight at the manual!! i PM’d Josh Yelon, he already read it ((since its out of my outbox) but didnt reply yet.

We have a perfect wiki manual here, where everyone can edit. Add what you want, the manual is all yours.

true, the wiki doesnt tell you how to model or animate something since this differs heavily between modelling software(usualy you can find the needed information in tutorials about your software and their exporters).
so what it does is telling you how to get those exported models into panda .and not only for maya or max. it also conciders some wiedly used file formats (ok most of them dont even support animations :stuck_out_tongue: but .x does for example. if you dont have a egg exporter then .x is one of your best alternatives)

talking about money. we have a really great exporter for Blender3D (thx to psiberpunk) which is the best free modelling software known to me.(not that easy to start with, thought)

so wouldn’t it be a little bit harsh to concider non-max/maya users as unworthy, even though there solutions for blender and .x files? :wink: (i like to say that the blender exporter is top-notch)

Cinema4D seems to export .x natively very well. But anyway, I find the egg format very easy to write.
I started to write an MAX exporter in MAXscript (a cross versions exporter) and for static geometry it was quite simple. Looking at the C4D API (in COFFEE or with the C++ SDK) it seems to be not much harder.

I’m hesitating between MAX and C4D for my project and of course, the price of C4D is a great advantage (but I think it misses some great modeling features MAX has). If i decide to go with C4D, I may try to implement an egg exporter.

Well - I can highly recommend Cinema4D. I’ve used Max in the past in industry and (personally) I find Cinema4D more fun to use. I find my workflow in C4D to be more fluid and intuitive. In fairness to 3DS, I haven’t used it for a couple of versions so maybe the interface has improved. I don’t know.

I’ve always wanted to try Blender but the interface has put me off. In all honesty, I’d rather use the time it would take me to get started in Blender doing stuff in C4D. I should make the time though - I’ve heard good things about it.

Rayteller - the native X exporter in C4D gives you no control over the export process whatsoever - it’s literally “Export as X”… bam it’s on your disk. Not only that, but I found the exported models weren’t usable in Panda and there is no options dialogue to control the export processl.

The free 3rd party plugin that I used does the job extremely well although there are some restrictions such as no HyperNURBS. But let’s face it - exporting a subdivided model is going to create a whole lot of polygons. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted instructions for exporting models from C4D in this topic

Thanks for sharing your experience about exporting to the X format.
We could talk more about C4D in another topic but, to be short the main thing that makes me hesitate with MAX is the modeling robustness of MAX (the mesh simplification is really nice) and MAXscript that seems to be much more powerful than COFFEE. I want to use my editor as a level editor so I’ll use a lot of macros.
Though, the C4D UI is indeed much easier and intuitive than MAX’s (don’t talk about blender).

The interface is certainly C4D’s strong point but there are some serious weaknesses too.

If you’re going to buy R10 of C4D, this isn’t such as issue (I’ve been told BodyPaint is built into the core app) but in R9.x you cannot export an unwrapped UV mesh from the core. I’ve found this to be a real pain in the bottom. MAX does this with ease. Why would any 3D app developer in their right mind expect people to buy the most expensive version of the app just to unwrap a mesh for texturing?

I’ll be honest - if I could have afforded it, I’d have bought MAX. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: you need to give blender another chance…you are only ‘used’ to what you have now, and while those modelers have their pros and cons, blender being free and getting MUCH better now in release 2.43 should be incentive enough to give it a try again. You can not beat the community for help and of course python is blenders scripting interface :wink:

If you decide to give blender another shot, make sure you do yourself and the community a favor ( more blender users the better heh ) by make SURE before you do anything in blender ( if your a total new user , and even if not maybe…) that you do this:

start blender
goto HELP menu at top of blender UI and then just choose ‘Tutorials’

then: video tutorials at top of that page

Go through at least UI tutorial , and then have fun from there :wink:

Out of the box, blender makes workflow the best it can be by leading you right off into using keyboard combos, which clearly are the fastest way to produce,- and easy once you get used to it ( 15 or so minutes with UI tut and your good to go )

If you want some more intro info about blenders feature for enticement, feel free to go here first:

The gallery is right next to the features link one page back of course at:


This is completely off-topic (I found it through a Google search), but THANK YOU for posting that!

For months I didn’t think you could actually edit the manual because that tiny button is far from obvious. :unamused: