Panda3D Manual: Downloading a file

I don’t exactly know where this would belong, so I just decided to put it here.

Okay, so I’m a bit confused. Does this code ( … ing_a_File )
install just one file, or the entire directory of ‘my.url’?? (I’m interested in transmitting files, I learned a bit about sockets then I found this :stuck_out_tongue:, guess I should read the manual :stuck_out_tongue:)

That would transmit the homepage of that site, which would probably be something like index.html or index.php as processed by the web server.

You can simply use something like “” if you want to download a specific file hosted by the server.

So I’ve been messing around with it, and I came across a few things…

  1. It didn’t download a file
    My solution: Make it write the data into a .txt
    (Working solution)
  2. The stuff in the .txt didn’t say anything
    My solution: Add globals
    (1/2 solution working)
  3. It “downloaded” AFTER the .txt was written
    My solution: Add sequences

So I got windows error code 0 from the downloader, and I decided to ask for help…
Is there any way to simply DOWNLOAD a file instead of just reading data? (Note: I’m probably just ignorant and they
put it somewhere else in the manual)

“Downloading” the file means reading the data over the HTTP connection, and then writing it out into a .txt file (or whatever extension). The example shows the former. You can use Python’s file mechanism (ie. open()) to do the latter.