Panda3D listed on IndieGameTools

My name is Robert Charney and I want to let this community know that Panda3D is listed in our database on at the following link

I am a member of the IGDAs Indie Developer Special Interest Group and I developed this database as a service to help independant game developers build better games. If you believe this is the best game engine then you can help other Indie developers to find it by either voting or leaving a comment about the engine at the website. Thanks for your time.

Moderator… if you feel that this is just useless spam then by all means let me know and I will depart, I have no desire to spam but only to connect independant game developers together. My message has been well received at other small engine forums so I continue to spread it, thanks again.


No this is great. Panda3d is great. All hail panda3d.

Thanks, I often feel like a dirty spammer when I post on new websites. I wish I had a better way to get the word out. I think IndieGameTools could really help small engines, tool makers, and Indies connect.