panda3d irc channel on


I noticed that panda3d has no irc channel.

Many OS projects (and even 3d engines) have their a irc channel
and its a great help & source for quick questions or just some
talking about the system.

Is there any interest in a panda3d dev. irc channel on
Whats the opinion from the panda3d staff?

I’d use it for sure.

I think the only problem would be bandwidth…

I certainly have no objection to our users setting up such a thing; it sounds like a good idea for sharing experiences and advice. My own time constraints would probably not allow me to spend much time there, though.


Sounds like a good idea, alot of projects use freenode. Im well up for it.

I assume it would be called #panda3d ?

Ah, there was someone faster as me…

The channel #panda3d is now avaible on

So… join in!

Is it possible to add the channel as official panda3d on this

Hm, the guest settings are somewhat strange… i was loged
in but seems it post it as guest…

The channel needs to be promoted here. For example, put something on the news page or the contact page.

I’ll do that on monday. Please remind me if I forget.

  • Josh

I created this channel and did not register it quick enough it seems…this is fine but you need to give me OPS priviledge as well if you are going to maintain it…


I did not register the channel either! I thought you had already done this :frowning: Some dude gave me mod ( I dunno the different irc mod thingys ) permission when I was there last week (hence the channel topic) but Ive been a little busy last few days so have not gone into irc. Perhaps check with the channel bot (chanserv?), that might give the person who registered it.

Ill try to get online tonight, time permitting.

There’s some guy by the name of “Stonekeeper” who is listed as Ops along with ChanServ.

Well, Im in the channel now. It appears Stonekeeper may have not setup the access levels right.

neighborlee, you have OP status in it!
I have op-status, but it looks like its setup wrong :confused:

Ill private message the guy and ask him to look into it.

neighborlee, is that the correct spelling for your nick?

The channel works fine so far.
Join in when you like, because we from are on the same
network (in #daimonin) one of us will nearly always
in the channel.

Just need some more so information exchange can start.