Panda3D in a browser and communicationg with web elements


I’m working on a web application, composed in three distinct parts.

  • The 3D part, where you can move in a given environment.
  • Pure Web part that will interact with the 3D part.
  • The pattern portion Panel / parameters for the whole application.

At the moment we looked at the Panda 3D SDK for use with Python / C + +.
We do not yet know if this is the one we seek.

Nevertheless we have the rich SDK documentation but some questions remain.

-> We would like to know if the application can be imported into the browser and can communicate with the different elements / Web page data.

We did some research and according to the manual Panda3D, once the finished application, it can be transformed into p3d is a file format that includes:. Python code, models, etc …
After that we can display the browser application like this:

<object width = "640" height = "480"
   type = "application/x-panda3d" data = "myapp.p3d">
     <object width = "640" height = "480"
       classid = "CLSID: 924B4927-D3BA-41EA-9F7E-8A89194AB3AC">
         <param name="data" value="myapp.p3d">
     </ object>
</ object>

But we have no idea how to communicate with the Web Application python/panda3D elements.

If you could give your opinion on the matter would be not bad.

Thank you.

Are you referring to communication between the HTML page and the Python game using JavaScript?