Panda3D + Haptics (OpenHaptics)

Hi, everyone, I’m Herbet and this is my first post.
I’ve been reading about Panda3D and I’m considering to use it to my haptics application project. I need to do Linux and C++ applications where the user interacts with the 3D scene with haptics interfaces. So far I have used the PHANTOM Omni in my other applications (without Panda3D).
To accomplish this task I have realized that I need the following:

A graphic engine -> Panda3D
A haptics engine -> OpenHaptics Toolkit, which It’s the one used for the PHANTOM Omni.

But with those I need to know something:

  1. For instance, Is it possible to directly call OpenGL functions with Panda3D? I ask this because the OpenHaptics Toolkit uses OpenGL functions to make the 3D cursor collision detection (it uses de feedback buffer)
  2. Are there some wrappers for some of the elements I listed? Someone has been working in a project that uses Panda3D + Haptics?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Herbet Ferreira

  1. It is possible to use Panda callbacks to inject direct OpenGL calls. There are examples in this forum of using PyOpenGL. There are some limitations, however; Panda wasn’t really designed with this usage in mind.

  2. I don’t know of anyone else using haptics in conjunction with Panda3D.