Panda3D Game Jam

Me and some folk in the off-topic discord server have been discussing making a little game together in a limited time-span, like a game jam. Since I’d rather not wait for the next pyweek this time, it made me think it would be very fun to organize a little game jam on where all the games are made with Panda3D.

It might be a nice way to gain some notoriety for Panda3D as well, most other game engines have some annual game jam.

So, a little poll first!
Would you join a Panda3D game jam?
< This poll has ended after 7 days. Of 58 views, 5 people voted, 4 people voted yes. That’s 80%, wow! >

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Poll ends and I was getting a little worried there but you all did it and I’m very happy with the results.

Because the relative low amount of (but otherwise very enthusiastic) votes, we can safely say that multiple submissions are unlikely. Having four people eager to work on a Panda3D game together on the other hand could produce something truly great.

For this reason some people (in the unofficial discord server) are now gearing up towards collaborating on a single project instead. Production will begin on January 1st and ends on January 8th 0:00 UTC and will revolve around sand.

You are very welcome to join our efforts, or make your own game in the same time-slot.


Have fun with it, and I hope that the project goes well! :slight_smile:

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