Panda3D for the Wii

Panda3D GameCube\Wii Project

Lead Developer: Cyndanera

Supported formats:

  • .adp - Audio XD ADPCM hardware decoded by dvd drive
  • .ast - Audio Stream(Stereo DSP ADPCM), stereo stream audio
  • .dsp - Audio DSP ADPCM hardware decoded by audio dsp chip
  • .midi - Audio MIDI
  • .seq - Audio Sequence(MIDI like)
  • .bnk - Audio Bank(Instruments)
  • .wdp - Audio Wave Data(Samples)
  • .dls - Audio Soundfont for MIDI
  • .tpl - GC\Wii Texture file has support for DXT1(ST3C) compression, decoded and compressed by GX GPU
  • .rgb - rgb texture file, mostly used for alpha map
  • .jpg - JPEG texture file

Other Supported Formats:

  • .mpg - MPEG 1\2 Video, Audio DSP ADPCM
  • .thp - JPEG Video, Audio DSP ADPCM
  • .tev - GX TEV Shader

Based on Engine Version Source: Panda3D 1.10.13
Supported Compression: zlib, lz77, lz77ex, huffman, run-length
Supported Libs: FreeType, etc.
Supported Physic Engines: PhysX(Wii only), ODE
Supported Python: Python 2.7 and 3
C\C++ Compiler: CodeWarrior, Supports C99, C++11, PPC Gekko

A list of things to do:

  • Finish GX Render API Plugin
  • Finish the Panda3D GC, Wii tools such as pview for example.
  • Write the Audio API
  • Add PAD Controllers Input and Keyboard, etc.
  • Finish the Panda GC\Wii Distribution Tool
  • Make new docs for the GC, Wii version of Panda3D
  • Final build the panda3d sdk for GC, Wii and Release

Vary intriguing, I was looking into console porting myself with my own projects except I was aiming for the switch, perhaps if this is finished sooner then later, I can try my hand at this instead, I have a wii doing nothing but collecting dust and I am sure it is not too hard to install CFW on it.

Thanks for doing this kind of work, I always wanted to see my projects run on console and the wii is not a bad start.

yeah GameCube and Wii are my fav console! :smiley:

thier pretty good consoles, are you going to try to develop for the gamecube too?

gamecube is pretty much the same as wii think of a wii as a + addon for gamecube, so very easy to port and build for. :slight_smile:

Okay, that makes me now wonder, if the GameCube can run a shader like rim light shading (like the one found in super Mario galaxy).

GameCube and Wii have pretty much same gpu so same effects and TEV shader code, fixed pipeline, Wii just has better clear video output to the TV then GameCube and more addon ram such as 88 MB.

I also have a gamecube too, so I was just wondering, since the gamecube is more of traditional console then the wii, due to there being no motion controls. but the RAM sounds like quite the challenge, theres has to be some type of real time decompression like what was employed on the N64.

First off GameCube and Wii have DXT1 texture compression.
So Wii is pretty much a gamecube 1.5

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alright, cool. oh, a quick question, regarding the GX TEV shader format, how far off is it’s diffrence to OpenGL’s (GLSL) shaders? because I am experimenting using GLSL shading language now, and I was wondering if its possible to throw a couple of quick simple shaders at the wii?