Panda3D for open world game?

Hello everyone!

I just registered, I followed some tutorials in the last months, read some documentation,
and I know a little about Panda. I already know Python and game dev things.
I am creating a game prototype in the Blender Game Engine now and I need to choose
an engine for production. This will be a commercial game.

My main question is, for the guys that know the engine well: Is Panda3D able to manage an open world?
Something like Vice City, nothing too big (5 by 5 Km). With stylized graphics and relatively low poly models.
Of course with terrain LODs, objects LODs, all the possible optimizations.
I think the most critical thing is loading data on the fly.

Thank you very much for your responses! :slight_smile:

Short version: yes it is possible, I’ve made a little tech demo where one can zip around a to-scale solar system.

And did you implement level of detail and/or remove object when too far and load them when at a certain distance?
My concern is if you are able to load objects while moving without significant drop in performance so that the game doesn’t continuously freeze when loading data.

Panda does support async loading:

Oh yes, that’s exaclty what I needed to know! Thank you very much!