Panda3d for iPad?

David was working on an iPod/iPhone build of panda3d runtime allowing us to run our panda3d games on those cool platforms. Will this translate to working on iPad? Is there any plans on making iPad panda3d as there were plans on making iPhone panda3d?

iPad appears to be a greater gaming platform then iPod because if its screen space but maybe it would be too much of a power draw because of more screen to render and battery would run down even faster. What are your thoughts?

Hmm, maybe. I think its appeal as a gaming platform mainly comes down to how many people have one of these things. Everything else–battery life, screen size, what have you–is just a detail that you might or might not have to deal with.

As to the prospect of porting Panda to it, that I couldn’t say until I have one myself. :slight_smile: