Panda3D, Flash and packpanda

In my project I have got Panda3D and wxPython (along with the pywin32 library) to load a flash .swf file. This is necessary to my project. The problem is that when I use packpanda to create the final distribution, the wxpython library is NOT loaded causing the program to crash at the beginning with the error: please install pywin32 x.x.x.

Is there any way to circumvent this or is their a way to include the pywin32 library in the packpanda installation? Maybe panda has a dream-come-true flash loader just for me…

It sounds like a py2exe problem. If I’m not mistaken, packpanda is just a simple script that invokes py2exe and NSIS. I know little about these two third-party packages; you might need to learn more about them in order to solve this problem.