Panda3d FAQ?

What about making a small update to the site. I’ve seen some questions here asked a lot, so why just don’t answer them once and then just directly link on them?

I’d start like this:

Q: I have problems with my background.

A: Open notepad…

I have noticed many times I can’t find things in the manual when I search for them- but they show up in the forums. But they always refer back to the examples I have problems following.

For example for the noob using roaming ralph to teach movement is too much info- the beginner gets very frustrated trying to figure out something very simple. All the collision ray stuff is very useful-later on after he can get his model to take a single step forward. And the noob gets referred back to roaming ralph for that lesson.

So the faq and or examples should have various levels of complexity:

Example for the movement:
noob- move a nonanimated model with arrow keys
beginner-move an animated model, with collision with keys or mouse
intermediate- controlling a model with various animations and actions
expert- Pathfinding, morphs, advanced combat or interlated animations.

Just my thoughts
JB SKaggs

There is in fact a FAQ.
No one reads it, you can notice that by the frequency of “how do I open .pz files” questions.

@jbskaggs: The examples are kind of categorized like that: … stribution

There used to be two types of samples: feature tutorials and beginner tutorials. Carousel and Solar System were the complete tutorials (it added more code step by step) while the rest showed off particular features.
Josh once merged those and I still don’t know the reason. The beginner samples were perfect to get started with.

To realise your thoughts:

Panda3D FAQ:

  1. Q: How do I start?

Level: Newbie

A: First. Download python( Best the 2.5 version because Panda 3D uses it right now. Take a look at the tutorials(

) and do something like calculator. Then, try experimenting with python. It’s always nice to start with …

Level: Pro

A: If you have some experience with other languages, especially the C ones, you may start learning python NOW. And at the midnight you’ll be done. Then just download Panda3D, which comes with Python 2.5.(devs aren’t going to change anything on it right now) And look at the samples, which are actually step-by-step tutorials how to start. This is the periodical list:

  1. Solar System (VERY reccomended)
  2. Asteroids (Very reccomended)
  3. Carou…
  4. Q: I have problems with my background

Level: Newbie

A: …

ah, pro-rsoft…

Was it ever updated?

Can anyone even touch it?


in 2005? in 2004?

if it was updated so why it’s still looking that sophisticated? I can imagine why noone looks at it.

True. But that’s also because there are so many and complex frequently asked questions. :slight_smile:

If someone makes me a new, short, simple, good FAQ I can put it at the website (and include it in the menu bar). From there we can place a link to said manual page that has more questions.

Nah, it’d be better if anyone would be allowed to register & edit the manual(=&FAQ) on his own.

But that’s impossible. Heh.

Mental, you got the warning already. True, the initial question was a good one. But all following ones aren’t even worth answering (normally).

Read the forums. All people can edit the wiki. (and no, I am not answering here how. - “Search” is your friend. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

what warning?

1.)Search does not work.(Don’t worry, I just use proxy.)
2.)That’s awesome! How?

What warning: The PM I sent you about being careful when posting. And I meant it that way.

Search does work for a proxy as well. I am behind a proxy and its working for me.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Oh, sorry. I never check PM :slight_smile:

To the search: I just get a list of the latest posts.

So how do you modify the manual? Could you link me to the post where is it described, please?

simple anser:"no". to phrase it in your very own words "pratice!". if you don't know how to use the forum search correctly then you probably shouldn't mess with the manual anyway.

HEY! It’s not me who can not use the search! it’s the proxy server’s problem! I know how to use the search, I am not dumb.

Then use google to search the Panda website (with “” in the search command).

Thanks. I’ll try it.