Panda3d executables


When i compile my software into an executable and give it to other people, there is a panda installation screen that appears the first time the executable is being used. It does not appear later on anymore.
I have 2 questions about that:

1/What is panda installing on the user’s PC. I need to be able to answer that question when asked.
Are these the panda3d Libraries? i have to use -s to have those included in the standalone just like with the installer option?
2/ Is there a way to hide this screen or maybe replace it with my custom screen?
Is the “hidden” variable in the p3d file config what is needed to hide that?

Thank you

Optimised versions of the Panda3D libraries, yes. If you use the “-s” version with pdeploy, the Panda3D libraries will be included as part of the installation and no downloading and installation will be done. As a result, though, the resulting installer will be bigger and it won’t install new updates from the Panda3D web site whenever a new version of Panda3D comes available.

There are ways to customise the look of the launcher screen, though, as documented in the manual (look under “Splash window tags”, you can specify these using the -t option to pdeploy). I’m not sure if you can hide it entirely; the “hidden” option would actually hide your game as well.

Thanks rdb for your answer,

I tried the -s option when making a standalone executable and it works as far as not downloading any data on startup.
I still have the issue of a small panda3d window that opens and disappears quickly to give place to my software window. I am not sure if i can hide or customize that initial window.

I want to distribute my software as a standalone executable, it is not embedded in a webpage. It seems that the splash screen tags are for webpages. Am i wrong?

Thank you

Hmm, perhaps we should add a config item to hide the splash window then.

The splash screen tags were created with web pages in mind, but I think that they will also work for the splash window, although I haven’t tried it myself.

Hi rdb,

You are right, the “hidden” option hides my whole game.
i tried many of the splash screens tokens, none hide or change that initial panda3d window that opens and disappears before my game launches.

Any other way you can think of to do that? could we hop for a fix soon?