Panda3D download broken


I’d love to download panda3d and try it, but the download links are broken. They just cause my web browser to hang. Tried with GNOME Epiphany and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It’s the ubuntu binary links that I’ve been trying.

Maybe this is just a temporary outage and I’m impatient. It’s weird that the links actually hang the browsers though.

I’m a Ph.d. student working in digital interactive storytelling for childrens education, looking around for a games engine to use for my project. From what I’ve seen Panda3D looks perfect, there are lots of nice childrens games sort of graphics in the examples, a set of models and objects provided, a focus on an easy learning curve and rapid development, and it’s free software and Linux compatible - I couldn’t ask for a better match.

I’m really impressed that you appear to have gone to the trouble of making binary packages for debian, ubuntu etc.

I look forward to trying it as soon as I can!

I managed to get the file using wget. I assume your website has some javacript thing or something.

I have the same problem…I could only g et it via : right click > save as otherwize it would lock up my browser as well and i’m using atm linspire internet suite 1.6


Not a clue. There’s no javascript on the download links. Just plain old links, to plain old files, using apache.