Panda3D deb package for Ubuntu 11.04

Panda3D had Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 deb package, since Ubuntu 11.04 was released, so I want to ask if Panda3D has plan for supplying deb package for Ubuntu 11.04?

if you look in the installation forum i think that one will be on the way.

The latest devel version has Natty builds. Click “devel” on the SDK download page.

i’m on 11.04 and i used to 10.04 package with no issue, why do you care about it? sincerely, they dont even realy need to quote the version they’re packaging for, version compatibility is nearly never a problem if the package is for the last LTS avaible, anything else is just a nice, but kind of useless extra

I think that 11.04 comes with python 2.7 by default, and users need to install python 2.6 to use panda built for older releases of ubuntu.