panda3d codeswarm video

For those who don’t know it code swarm is an application that lets you create videos that illustrate the evolution of a source code repository.

The video created from the panda3d cvs tree:

Very nice! And very interesting to watch :slight_smile:

Epic moment - license change (May 28, 2008):

Looks like drwr is exploding there 8)

Wow, that’s cool! Who knew that code changes could be so artful?

It was a trip down memory lane for me. :slight_smile:


Source code evolution visualisation by Gource:

That’s freaky. I don’t know what these stalks and clusters represent, or the little bugs flying around, but it sure is weird looking.


Looks perty neat. I love seeing how things start out “slow and small” then grow out fast like that :slight_smile:

I still have my frist example of my game… a very small file that when I look back on… was crap XD Now it’s like a 60mb game :slight_smile:

It represents the directory structure and files in it. These little ‘bugs’ are developers. If you set it to HD mode, and view it in fullscreen, you can see the names of directories and developers.
When a developer fires an orange laser on a file, that means he modifies it.

Ah, it all makes sense now.

It makes me feel so inefficient–spending all my time flying around between dtool, panda, and direct like that. We should have put them closer together. :slight_smile:


That’s cool!

If somebody ever asks me again how programming looks like I’ll show tem this video :slight_smile: