Panda3D Code AutoCompletion on Komodo IDE

Dear all,

When learning a new library (or in an engine in this case) like Panda3D its very useful to have auto-completion features in your IDE so you won’t have to continuously go back and forth between the documentation and your code.

Komodo IDE (and its free equaivalent Komodo Edit) has a very nice auto-completion feature for the standard pythonic modules as well as all files in your project. Moreover they have an option where you can give an API catalog of a 3rd party lib so it can offer auto-completion features for that lib as well.

Therefore, I was wondering:
1)Is there some file in a standard Panda3D installation that could be used as such?
2)Has anyone managed to get autocompletion features for the P3D libraries? If so, has anyone managed to do so with Komodo’s tools?
3)I’ve looked around and haven’t gotten a clear answer so far. Is there anyway to get autocompletion of the P3D methods and members?

I am pretty sure that such a thing, if possible would help out a lot, especially people who are now starting with P3D like myself

Any advice, info or tips will be appreciated

Thanks in advance,

P.S I have to admit that WingIDE has an even better code-completion support but I didnt see anyway to include Panda’s capabilities there? Any info on that?

I just checked:

Komodo’s tools uses files with a .cxi extension which are practically XML files containing the code instructions.

Here is a short part of the Pythonic Win32 API:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<codeintel description="Python Extensions for Windows" name="PyWin32" version="2.0">
  <file lang="Python" mtime="0" path="pywin32.cix">
    <scope ilk="blob" lang="Python" name="_win32sysloader">
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetModuleFilename" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="LoadModule" />
    <scope ilk="blob" lang="Python" name="_winxptheme">
      <scope ilk="function" name="CloseThemeData" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="DrawThemeBackground" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="DrawThemeText" />
      <variable citdl="int" name="ETDT_DISABLE" />
      <variable citdl="int" name="ETDT_ENABLE" />
      <variable citdl="int" name="ETDT_ENABLETAB" />
      <variable citdl="int" name="ETDT_USETABTEXTURE" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="EnableThemeDialogTexture" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="EnableTheming" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetCurrentThemeName" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetThemeAppProperties" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetThemeBackgroundContentRect" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetThemeBackgroundExtent" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="GetWindowTheme" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="IsAppThemed" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="IsThemeActive" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="IsThemeDialogTextureEnabled" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="OpenThemeData" />
      <scope ilk="function" name="SetWindowTheme" />
      <variable citdl="int" name="UNICODE" />
      <scope classrefs="Exception" ilk="class" name="error" />

Is there someone who knows how to extract such a thing from P3D’s source code or libraries? Is there anyone who know how to do this?

If the Komodo thing is a lost cause, can someone direct me to how I can get P3D auto completion with any other IDE?

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