Panda3D Bible Viewer

I know Panda3D is typically used for games and 3d graphics related things, but I decided to make an application to read the Bible using Panda3D! I managed to get it working with WebGL. Here is a link to the application page The full source code is available on GitHub


That’s neat! :slight_smile:

I’m curious, if I may: where did you get the text? (I presume that you didn’t enter every letter by hand, reading from a paper Bible! ^^; )

I do see that you have what appear to be some control characters in your output–do you have plans to handle those further?

So glad you like it! I used a public domain version of the King James Bible. I initially wanted to have the program load the entire Bible at once, though it did not work so I had to load each book in chunks. I don’t have any plans to handle the control characters, though feel free to fork my project on GitHub if you would like to!

Ah, interesting–and of course it makes sense that there would be such a text available somewhere. Thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Fair enough! :slight_smile:

It’s cool that you used the WebGL port, but it appears to have some artifacts in Firefox:

It seems to be fine in Chromium, though.

I will say that I appreciate the irony of, instead of using HTML to render black-on-white text in a web page, having a JavaScript-compiled version of the Python interpreter run a Panda3D program to render said text inside a WebGL canvas inside said HTML page. :wink:

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Such a shame it’s king James bible.

I dont have any real input, it loads fine on chromium yet takes a bit to load. Good work

Yes, I tested and built the application on Mac, and there were no artifacts in Safari or Firefox on Mac. When I looked at the page on my linux vm in Firefox, I noticed the artifacts. I tried to adjust the background colors on the webpage to make the artifacts less visible and the text more readable. Safari, IE, and Chrome don’t show any artifacts. I would say from my personal experience with the Godot engine and WebGL, Firefox does not have very good support for WebGL. One of my Godot WebGL demos that looked great in Safari and Chrome did not even show the normal map textures in Firefox!

So glad you appreciate my irony! I actually did make a version with HTML, though wanted to try something new that could also be built for native platforms as well as on the web.

God Bless for that…