Panda3D Beginner's Guide Availability and Art Assets

The Panda3D Beginner’s Guide that I’ve written is now available from Packt Publishing. For more details on the book, follow this link:

Currently, some of the assets that are intended to be available with book are not available from Packt. I’m working with the publishing company to get this problem resolved, but until that happens, I will provide the missing assets to anyone who has purchased the book.

Contact me via private message on this forum if you have purchased a paper or digital copy of the book and we’ll get you what you need.

Congrats on getting it finished!

just saying, if the media isnt going to be available freely like the sourcecode, there should at least be some screenshots showing what you can achieve with this book.

The media will be freely available with the book, the publisher just has the wrong set of files is all.

Wow! That’s great! I hope your advertising your book on sites like gamedev. This would really help new people to try Panda.

No, what I mean is the source is available without the book, you can have a look at it before buying the book, but its not the case for the media files. I’m not telling you should have them as a free download, just saying that if it was, it would be a good eye candy. So if youre not going to, you can have some screenshots of the game instead.

Exactly like this : … ender/book