Panda3D and Stackless Python

Just a quick question: Has Panda3D been used with Stackless Python?

So far, Stackless Python 2.5.2 has been 100% compatible with standard Python of the same version.

Currently I’m experimenting with P3D 1.5.3 and have it configured to use my system Python 2.5.2 install, and not the P3D bundled Python version. I’d like to make use of the Stackless Python micro-threads, tasklets and scheduling if possible.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have not tried it. But psyco and stackless did not work well last time for me.

It would be nice if you post your progress here. Ruby has some nice features I’m missing in Python, stackless fills this gap.

I hope this PEP 219 ( is accepted sometime or other.

I’ll be happy to post whatever results I can attain. The project is very part time hobby stuff currently so no promises right now… :wink: