Panda3D and Python 2.7

because Python 2.7 is installed by default on some OS like Ubuntu 11.04, and python downloading verion is also 2.7 in, so I wan to ask that if the upcoming verion of Panda3D (1.8.0) will use Python 2.7?

For ubuntu 11.04 you can just use the python2.6 binary. You can also download the source and compile it against the 2.7 binary youself

Panda3D uses Python 2.7 on Ubuntu Natty (there are Ubuntu Natty builds for the “devel” version, not for 1.7.2).

I’ve used Python 2.7 with Panda from the beginning. It worked with all 2.x versions I tried in the last 1-2 years.