Panda3D and Psyco - anyone has some benchmarks?

Hi! I’m currently working on a clone of the game Rez : (with the help of the author of that thread).

Our project in it’s current state is quite, well, slow; I’m working on performing as much optimizations as I can, but in the meantime i’ve read about Psyco, the python “optimizer” that claims huge speeds improvement. I’ve seen a few projects in here that are using it (like Mavasher’s “Epoch”).

Anyone have first-hand experience with Psyco? How much did it improve your Panda3D game/application performance? I’m aware that my mileage will vary, but i’m quite curious to see how much of a boost you guys got.

When i get to using it I’ll let you know if it helped me at all…

Cheers! Masterbaker

I’ve heard claims from other Panda users of remarkable improvements from using psyco (try searching the forums on this keyword), but in my own experience, my psyco improvement has always been zilch to negative.

I understand that it entirely depends on the nature of the code you’re trying to optimize. If you’re doing a lot of computations in Python, psyco may turn out to be your hero. But if not, you might need to look elsewhere for performance gains.

Best bet to improve performance is to start with PStats to figure out where your time is being spent, then focus on reducing those bottlenecks.


i agree with drwr - PSTATS!.

I had huge boosts from psyco (up to 1000% speed ups) its a specialty tool and you really need to know how to use it. It will not do much for panda3d/python code because it constantly interfaces with c++ while it will do bunch for pure python code that runs for long time.