panda3D and opensim (secondlife)

the problem is simple, but then i think everything is simple until i try do it. i want to write a skeleton client (secondlife open source) to connect to an opensim server. the client is in c++. the server is in c#.

i think the panda3D may be want i need or python with c++ extension. are they the same thing?

ironphyton works ok as a client and even c# if you dont do any graphics. of course i want to do graphics but the server streams all the graphics.

any one have an idea?

It’s really not simple at all. You will need to be familiar with network programming in general, then in parsing OpenSim’s network protocol. And the server won’t be streaming egg files ready for Panda3D, rather OpenSim’s own geometry and texture formats, so you’ll have to be deeply familiar with both so you can translate from the server into something viewable in Panda3D. It’s a lot of work.

thats the problem. right now i think i will use panda3d for prototyping. since i use collada, i can used models for both.

i found a client written by Dahlia Trimble
that shows panda3d and opensim so it can be done.