Panda3D and multi-player....

I read in the Panda 3D manual that the manuals for network API support are not available, but a posting to this forum might be appropriate. Could someone share with me the process for creating a multi-player, network game?


maybe you want to browse the topics here - or search for “network” using the “search” button. There are quite some examples. Major problem is, that disney seems to be very fond of their own networking code. - Of course, if you worked hard on something (and got it working) you tend to let others do the manual. - Nobody volunteered till now, so the complex topic “networking” isn’t more than some documentation in the source code…

However, you will find some examples that will help you to get your stuff going… - tbh I am somewhat out of links right now :wink:

In case you found them and still have questions, feel free to ask there - or if its inappropriate there, open a new topic or ask right here ^^

Regards, Bigfoot29

Thanks, Bigfoot29. I did a search on networking for all forums and found some of yours in Scripting Issues, including the commented code in response to Yellow. It looks like a good place to start.

For anyone who stumbles across this posting I would suggest going to post 145 in the forum Scripting Issues.


yea… there are some topics… another good hint may be the keyword “chat” - there should be a few topics about that too ^^

But yea… networking topics in general are rare… :frowning:

Regards, Bigfoot29