panda3D AI : parameters for behaviors...


I am searching information on parameters and use of the behaviors of panda3D AI.
In fact, I’ve done my first tests of pursue and it works well, but…
I don’t understand the parameters of the function AICharacter(string Character_name, NodePath model_nodepath, double mass, double movement_force, double maximum_force).

In fact, I got a spaceship and some NPC will pursue me, but because type of the spaceship, they must move with a maximum speed.
I think that the parameters can help me, but how?

I haven’t used it myself, but the examples here may be of help:

In fact, It is the same site than [].
In fact, I success to implement the pandaAI, and it works pretty fine, and it was very easy to do.
The NPC ships moves alone through pandaAI, and I don’t know how to control the speed for example.
Depending of the type of spaceship I wish that speed can be higher or lower than for another one.[/url]