Panda3D able to have a game looking like this?

Hi, Panda3D forum =)

I am looking at all free engines for the best choose. I am wondering, is Panda3D able to make game look like this,

If not, what about this?

Thanks, this will help in choosing the best suitable engine for the project!

You can surely get those kinds of results with Panda3D. I mean, Panda3D does not impose any limitations regarding the graphical features I’m seeing in those screenshots.

It’ll be up to you to actually design your game to look like that.

PS. Welkom op het forum!

Heres a similar game being done with Panda:

Thanks! :smiley:, wow!, after seeing those images i think i found my engine :slight_smile:

ps: just a request, anyone interested to help with my idea?, it will be F2P, so no payment when developing.

Well you should have something done and then make a thread in General Discussions asking if someone wants to join you.
Seen that done before.

Yeah, i am still working on the concept, but i have my engine, now its the design, and concepts, and within 2 years? 1 year? i will be starting the project :slight_smile: