Panda3d 1.8.1- sound issues

Hi to all,

This really isn’t a big problem per say, because the issue only arises on my machines when using 1.8.1. The issue does not arise when I use 1.7.2. Whenever I try and play a .wmv sound file this is what I get on the console:

:movies:ffmpeg(warning): parser not found for codec pcm_u8, packets or t
 be invalid.
:movies:ffmpeg(warning): max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5201270

That and also, the sound is completely warped; the .wmv files are not corrupted as they play well with other players as well as with 1.7.2; but when I try shifting to 1.8.1 they sound completely warped and full of static. Code I use in both versions to play the sound:

self.audio_sound_sfxx = Audio3DManager(self.sfxManagerList[0])
self.audio_sound_sfxx.attachSoundToObject(self.hit_sound,np)#np is a nodepath.

Also, I noticed that there is no default rollover and click sound when using buttons under 1.8.1, is this lack of default sounds to be expected or is it an error of some sort?