Panda3D 1.6.1 released

so there’s noone to make the panda win build?

I take the job sir! :smiley:


Don’t freak out. The windows build is on the download page.
[size=0]Don’t worry! It’s not from Dany0.[/size]

Big thanks to treeform!

Keep in mind that I’m going to stop maintaining Panda soon. (The agreement was until 1.6.0 actually. CMU has had more than 8 months now) I’ll stay developing new features and fixing new bugs here and there though.

Well shoot, I wish I knew more about programming in C++ so I could take over maintaining Panda on OSX.

@Jhocking: were you able to fix the issue in mac os x? I’m also getting the bus error, and some segmentation fault errors with some examples. I went back to 1.6.0 which works perfectly out of the box :wink:


so… 1.6.1 is using python 2.6.2 , first engine updating to this version… interesting. This make things easier in jaunty. no need further to install older 2.5.4.

It is? Where did anyone say that, I missed it.

yes, actually i have two pythons installed, 2.5.4 and 2.6.2 (this last comes by default in ubuntu 9)

With 1.6.0 scripts run with 2.5.4 , but not with 2.6.2,

With 1.6.1 scripts run with 2.6.2 but not con 2.5.4

just changed the interpreter in the options and ran well…

It is for ubuntu jaunty version, I don’t know about the others

darn! If I upgrade python to 2.6.2 I’ll break yafaray+blender operation and getting them to work properly together was a real pain in Mac Os X! :frowning: (Yafaray comes compiled against python 2.5.1 and so must blender be).

I guess I’ll be sticking with Panda3d 1.6.0 for a while :wink: At least until Yafaray’s build for Mac gets updated too.

hh you are right croxis, just installed windows version though virtualbox and installed 2.5.2

maybe afecelis have a bit of luck and will make run 1.6.1 in his mac, :smiley:

PS : What does pro-rsft means with that “no, not shadows yet

I think it’s compiled with whatever version pre-installed in each distro.

but… what is that shadow showed in the samples then…

You can have any shader effects you want as long as you write the shaders yourself, and that includes dynamic shadows. However, Panda has a built-in shader generator that’ll automatically generate shaders for a whole bunch of effects like normal maps and cel shading: … _Generator

Currently dynamic shadows are not one of the effects that the shader generator supports but he’s working on that.

Now the bugs with Python 2.6 on linux have been fixed, 1.6.1 is compiled with whatever the distro’s make the default. Jaunty, Fedora 10 and the latest openSUSE versions ship with 2.6.

With ‘no shadows’ I meant ‘no built-in shadows’.


PS: somebody got to fix the HP string: “Released April 26st

Good catch. Fixed.

Also, may I encourage everyone to switch to OpenAL (in Config.prc, replace p3fmod_audio with p3openal_audio) now that it’s stable? I think it’s a good idea to iron out all the bugs in OpenAL so we can make it the default again.

hehehe, I think I won’t be taking that chance for now :wink: Specially after I checked today that yafaray for Mac/Win was updated to version 302, but they still include this nice and nifty note:

at their download site:

If I upgrade my system’s python to 2.6.2 I’ll get compatibility with Panda3d 1.61, and I may even compile blender setting its version flag to use version 2.5; The problem will occur with yafaray’s UI scripts that get compiled on runtime using the system’s default (2.6.2 if installed), and this would generate a version mismatch crash (yafaray compiled with 2.5 and its scripts compiled in 2.6) :frowning:

My only solution would be to compile yafaray myself in Mac using the versions I want to use, but it’s a bit more complicated than in Linux. Let’s see what happens. I’ll read about compiling yafaray in Mac to see if can move onto python 2.6.2 once and for all :wink:


I wouldn’t go and upgrade to Python 2.6 until someone (ie. pro-rsoft) has said that you need to. I think you’re just jumping to conclusions because I haven’t seen anyone say the OSX build uses anything other than the version of Python that comes pre-installed.