Panda3D 1.4.1 released!

Well, I finally released panda3d 1.4.1. Let me know how it goes.

I installed it on computer. The Media that demostrates OpenAL and FFMpeg is great. Thank you for your effords Josh, bringing OpenAL and FFMpeg as an alternative to FMOD to Panda3D :smiley:

In version 1.4.0 I had performance issues with collisions in Roaming Ralph. I briefly tested the new 1.4.1 version and those issues seem to be gone. The frame rate is back to what it was in 1.3.2. I’ll do some more tests but it looks like the problem has been fixed 8)

every thing works thanks Josh Yelon! and we miss you on the IRC!

Had a hard time compiling my c++ stuff - until I found out that you put the libraries in /usr/lib/panda3d/ instead of /usr/lib/ this time. The ones in /usr/lib/ were still the old 1.4.0 libs :wink:
Anyway, no performance boost here, but runs fine anyway.

Yeah - the libraries were always supposed to be in /usr/lib/panda3d, I don’t know how they got into /usr/lib in the first place.

Thanks for the latest release, I couldn’t help but playing the music box demo over and over again.
May I ask, what is the music that you used in for the demo? It’s nice and lovely :smiley:

Kind Regards,

I have no idea. :slight_smile: Students created most of the sample programs.

The song is “Summer Overture” from the “Requiem for a Dream” score. It was composed by Clint Mansell and performed by the Kronos Quartet.

Yeah, Awesome! Thanks for all yoo do!

Hi Josh,

I would like to thank you and your team for a very nice release. FFMPEG and OpenAL support are very significant features.



Thank you so much! I’ll be looking for the CD on amazon.

Kind Regards,